This page contains a list of publications, web pages, and parts suppliers that will be helpful in planning and building tube projects.


At left is part of the techncal library in the shop as it was in 2008.  There are six RCA Tube manuals, dating  from 1941 to 1964, and two published in the 1970s by General Electric.

Tube Projects Resources

Experienced electronics technicians all have their favorite sources of parts and publications.  We want to share some of our favorites with our web page visitors.  Many companies publish extensive catalogs and run specials on the web.  Skycraft is a great source of surplus parts and low-cost US and metric hardware, and is worth the short trip up I-4 when visiting Orlando.  Allied Electronics (formerly Allied Radio) has a huge catalog, a wide range of parts (like Bud chassis and boxes), and will accept small orders paid with a credit card.



MCM Electronics Inc.

405 S. Pioneer Blvd.

Springboro, Ohio 45066




Parts Express

725 Pleasant Valley Drive

Springboro, Ohio, 45066-1158




Antique Electronics Supply (AES)

6221 S. Maple Ave.

Tempe, Arizona 85283




Skycraft Parts & Surplus

2245 W. Fairbanks Ave. (off I-4)

Winter Park, Florida 32789




Allied Electronics




Riedon Incorporated

Precision and power resistors 

300 Cypress Avenue

Alhambra, California 91801



Contact:  Jessica Villasenor



Radiotron Designers Handbook

3rd Edition, 1941

RCA Manufacturing Company

Surplus market, hamfests



RCA Receiving Tube Manual, #RC-30, 1973 ed.

Avail. Antique Electronic Supply



Tube Substitution Handbook

W. Smith & B. Buchanan,

Howard Sams & Co, 1992

Prompt Publications, reprinted 1998

Avail. Antique Electronic Supply



Essential Characteristics

General Electric Co.

Tube Products Division, 1973

Avail. Antique Electronic Supply



Thordarson Transformer Manual #346A

Reprint of the original 1934 manual

Lindsay Publications Inc., 2000

Avail. Antique Electronics Supply


American Radio Relay League

The older ARRL handbooks have tube projects,

tube data tables, and base diagrams.

Source: hamfests, surplus market 



Web sites:


There are many web sites dedicated to tube technology. One of the best is by Max Robinson at .  There is a link on this site to join the Fun With Tubes discussion group on Yahoo. Max is the moderator, and is joined by a wide range of experienced techs in running discussions of tube topics. This is an extremely educational, non-commercial group experience, and is highly recommended for serious tube project builders.