Manuals and schematics are available for most of the projects on this site. To order a document, please see the list below and call us, or submit the contact form on the next page.

Vacuum Tube Voltmeter Technical Manual

This manual contains the instructions, photos, diagrams, and parts list needed to build an accurate DC voltmeter using a 12AU7 tube.  It is spiral bound to lay flat.

The cost is $18.00 which includes priority mail postage.  


Schematic diagrams are available in copies made from the originals used in building the project.  These are loose copies and are not bound into a manual.

Diagrams available are:  300 volt DC power supply, 6V6 audio amplifier, Yaesu to Collins linear amp interface pad, and the 115 vac power controller.

The cost for these diagrams is $10.00 each , which includes standard postage.